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WORKSHOP: Smart Shape and Fine Fashion – Hanne Pjersted

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(Sun. 9am to 12 noon)

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Instructor: Hanne Pjersted
Location: Kvennaskólinn
Language: Danish
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2018
Time: 9am to 12 noon

Workshop Description: Among other things, we will work with short rows to make bust sharpening to make sweaters and cardigans fit well on real women, and we will also work short rows for shoulder seams, to make the neckline higher in back on raglan or yoke sweaters. Short rows can mean that the shoulder seams on your knitting will be smarter and “almost invisible” when we knit the two pars together, from the right side or the wrong side. Bring: some rests of woolen yarn for needles sized 3.5-4 mm (please not fluffy or knotted), also needles for socks and canvas/ darning needles for weaving in ends etc. Working papers with techniques will be given – but in Danish!