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WORKSHOP: Smart Crewnecks – Hanne Pjersted

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(Sat. 2 to 5pm)

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Instructor: Hanne Pjersted
Location: Kvennaskólinn
Language: Danish
Date: Saturday, June 9, 2018
Time: 2 to 5pm

Workshop Description: Knitting techniques that can lift the quality of your knitted work so much. No matter if you use patterns or make your own designs, you can improve your techniques. We will bind off with fine edgings and knit up stitches to make neckbands and ex. collars and debate how to make the last details the best way of all. Bring: some rests of woolen yarn for needles sized 3.5-4 mm (please not fluffy or knotted), also needles for socks and canvas/ darning needles for weaving in ends etc. Working papers with techniques will be given – but in Danish!